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Preschool Gymnastics

Let’s get tumbling! Welcome to our Preschool home page. We can’t wait to meet you face to face. Of course our stellar Team program has given Arizona Sunrays worldwide recognition. Be sure to know that truly astonishing learning occurs in our Preschool program. Fun is everywhere in our Preschool environment! From the exciting themes, energized Instructors, challenging yet inviting class activities, and kid-friendly music to the silly ink stamps at the end of class – it’s all F-U-N!! Are we serious about teaching Handstands, Cartwheels, Backward Rolls and more? You bet! Teaching is our passion. Come watch, and be amazed! Call to schedule your class today, 602-992-5791.

What makes Arizona Sunrays Unique:

  • Designated Non-Competitive Gymnastics Director
  • Engaging, talented, professional Instructors
  • Low student to teacher ratio
  • Focus on safety, FUN, and skill acquisitions
  • Parent education is a hallmark of our program
  • Progressive levels for different age groups
  • Illustrated Skill Charts provide goals
  • Weekly lesson plans with kid friendly themes
  • Student evaluations are conducted three times per year
  • Semi-annual themed Kindergym Shows
  • On-going staff training
  • Separate gym for the 6 and under students with child sized apparatus
  • Use of the Main Gym for circuit work, in-ground pits, trampolines, Tumbl Traks, and zip lines
  • Two parent lobbies with full window views of the gym
  • Instruction is provided in a step-by-step progressions
  • To ensure early and frequent successes for your child
  • Curriculum promotes learning physically, socially, cognitively, and emotionally

Preschool Classes

Typically a child is “moved up” to the next level by turning the age required for that level. For example, you become a Big Shot by turning age four.

Of our nine Preschool levels, four are designed for children who exhibit an aptitude for gymnastics at a young age. Please note that these accelerated children are the exception not the norm. Our four advanced levels continue to follow our ‘learning is FUN!” philosophy, while providing additional challenges. Be assured that plenty of skill challenges are provided in all of our classes. Finding the right fit of class for your child ensures a high learning curve.

Children of the same age are grouped together due to physiological and mental similarities.  All classes are co-ed with the exceptions of Shooting Stars.

*Free Baby Gym – 6 to 18 month toddlers, parent participation, 30 minutes – Oh, the joys of exploring the gym!  FREE Baby Gym class is on Wednesday’s from 9:30 – 10:00am – Will Return  – Check our Calendar!   This class is a magnificent introduction in to the world of movement education.  We provide a stress free environment for parent and child. Our talented Instructors encourage guided exploration of our apparatus set ups. Tunnels, slides, mini mountains, tilting and rocking mats, foam in-ground pit with parachute covering the foam cubes, rings, soft balance beams and more all add to a fun-filled, can’t-wait-to-come-back experience!

Tumble Tots – 18 to 36 month old children, parent participation – 45 minutes Waddle, walk or run in to this class!  We provide advice to parents on how to engage your little one in basic gymnastic skills.  Child sized apparatus is utilized to provide comfort and confidence to our Tumble Tots.  Social skills, independence, learning to take ones turn, improving attention spans are all additional benefits from class participation.  Preliminary Handstand work is included in our skill list, as well as assorted Rolls and apparatus skills.

All By Myself – 3 year olds, 1 hour – For many youngsters this is their first exposure to a ‘school’ setting. Our child-centered Instructors use oodles of encouragement, imaginative cues, and demonstrations to appeal to your child’s natural curiosity and need for being on the move. Our low student to teacher ratio ensures plenty of personal attention on our quest towards learning gymnastics skills and terminology. Our nurturing approach brings out the best in our 3 year old students!

Big Shots – 4 year olds, 1 hour – This age group is so eager to learn!  Sunrays Instructors are wonderful role models for this age group.  Using humor, physical demonstrations, and hands-on spotting, our 4 year olds achieve skills at a rapid rate. Our lesson plans provide age-appropriate set-ups and gymnastic goals. Task perseverance is increased by our, “let’s try it again” style.

Champions – 5 year olds, 1 hour – Five year olds bring to class the added benefits of longer attention spans, and additional strength and coordination.  We build upon these attributes! Champions typically experience more attempts at skills during their one-hour class, due to great class management. Handstands and Cartwheels are mastered with our unique apparatus set-ups and progressions approach.

Contact our Non Competitive Gymnastics Director [email protected] or call 602-992-5791