Become a NINJA at Arizona Sunrays: 

Arizona Sunrays offers NinjaZone for children ages 4-11 with the purpose of building our student’s character, discipline and athletic development.

Uniform Required

Lil Ninja: (4 – 5 yrs) 55 minute class

White Ninja: (6 – 11 yrs) 55 minute class

Yellow Ninja: (6 – 11 yrs)  (Evaluation Required)  55 minute class

Green Ninja: (7 – 11 yrs)  (Evaluation Required) 55 minute class

Blue Ninja: (7 – 11 yrs)  (Evaluation Required) 55 minute class


Contact our Ninja Coordinator [email protected] or call 602.992.5790!

Please direct any questions regarding our Arcadia location to the Arcadia Site Director [email protected] or call 602.992.5791

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