What are the Different Dance Classes My Child Can Take at Arizona Sunrays?

Is your child ready to dance the day away? We offer a variety of programs, classes, and styles to choose from for dancers of all ages! Our classes range from ballet to tap to jazz. Check out the class descriptions below to see what class best fits your child’s interests.

For tiny dancers, we offer FREE Baby Dance classes every Monday or Thursday from 9:15-9:45 a.m. Classes require that your child is at least between walking age to 2.5 years. Feel free to drop in! (Make sure to arrive early! Classes are limited to the first 20 children.)

Aerial Arts provides an exciting way to build strength and flexibility. Arizona Sunrays’ Aerial Arts classes focus on safety, conditioning, basic aerial fabric wraps, and proper alignment. We’ll also focus on using the aerial hoop, or Lyra, which is a large steel hoop suspended from a single point in the ceiling.

Ballet is the classical foundation for all styles of dance. Classes focus on proper technique and body alignment. Our Pre-Pointe classes are for those recommended by teachers and focus on the work to prepare and strengthen the feet and ankles for pointe work. Carriage, poise and dance terminology are further developed.

Pointe classes emphasize classical ballet work in which dancers support their body weight on the tips of fully extended feet. A minimum of three years of ballet is required, as is teacher recommendation. All levels of ballet dancers are expected to wear pink tights, a black leotard, and pink ballet shoes.

Our Tap classes help dancers develop rhythm, style, and sound. Classes are focused on building flexibility of the feet and ankles, coordination and quick movement. Tap shoes are worn with metal plates under the heels and toes, and of course, there is a lot of noise to be made! Proper attire includes tap shoes, hair pulled back and out of the face, and fitted dancewear.

Jazz is a fusion of dance styles including ballet, modern and contemporary. Classes are high energy and focus on isolations, flexibility, turns, leaps and floor work. All jazz dancers should come to class wearing fitted dancewear, jazz shoes, and hair tied back and away from the face and neck.

We also offer classes in Lyrical dance, whichcombines classical ballet technique with the expressiveness and fluidity of jazz and modern dance styles. Students will learn how the interpretation of lyrics can guide movement to tell a story. Lyrical dance Levels 2/3 and above require concurrent enrollment in ballet. Attire required is similar to jazz; fitted dancewear and hair pulled back, with “lyrical” shoes (e.g. foot thongs or half soles).

Hip-Hop is a high-energy class infusing the latest street styles of dance including “breaking,” “popping” and “locking.” Of course, dancers will move to the latest, most up-to-date hip-hop music. Sneakers and comfortable clothes required!

Leaps & Turns classes focus on the technique required to execute jumps and turns performed in all dance styles; especially ballet, jazz, lyrical and contemporary. Building balance, coordination, flexibility and muscle memory are the key focus of Leaps & Turns class.

Modern/Contemporary dance draws on classical modern, ballet and theatrical technique. Classes focus on using the whole body to express abstract ideas and include instruction on contractions, spirals, basic floor work, elemental concepts of space and time, technical proficiency, musicality, rhythmic accuracy and artistic expression.

Musical Theatre classes will teach dancers to become a triple threat – they will learn to act, dance and sing! All levels of dancers are welcome, as long as they want to learn how to dance like they’re on Broadway with some of the most popular Broadway songs!

All dancers should wear fitted dancewear with no buttons or zippers, the appropriate shoes for each class, and make sure hair is tied back and away from the face and neck.

For more information on Arizona Sunrays’ dance classes, check out our dance classes page. Ready to start dancing? Register online for classes today!

*Please note that dance classes are only available at our Phoenix location.

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