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Madison (Maddy) Kirsch

Level 10 Class of 2020

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VAULT: Yurchenko tuck 1/1

Training Vault: Yurchenko Layout 1½\

BARS: Tkatchev, Shoot ½ HS, Blind 1/1, Front 1 ½ dismount

BEAM: BHS Onodi, switch leap-split ¼-straddle ½, side summi, mounter, back handspring to shoulder hold mount, RO 1 ½ dismount

FLOOR: Back 2 ½, double pike, RO 1 ½ front pike, Double turn leg horizontal


2019 Optional State Meet 2nd UB, Beam Champion, 3rd FX, 2nd AA

2019 Level 10 Regionals 5th BB

2019 SCEGA CA Classic, Beam Champion, 2nd VT, FX, AA

2018 Region 1 Championships Qualifier

2018 L10 State Championships, Team Champions, 4th BB, BR, 5th AA, VT, FX

2018 World Maccabi Games, Israel JR Bronze BB

2017 Region 1 Championships Qualifier

2017 L10 State Championships, Team Champions, 4th BB, 5th VT, AA