Madison Kirsch2017-06-23T00:47:41-07:00

Training Level 10 Class of 2020

Vault: Yurchenko pike

Training: Yurchenko 1/1 twist on-Tuck off

Training Bars: Blind to Pike Jager, Toe HS to shoot ½ HS, Blind 1/1 to double dismount

Beam: Flic lay, One arm front handspring straddle quarter, Back tuck split jump, 1/1 turn leg horz, RO 1½ dismount

Training: Flic Onodi

Floor: Double back tuck, 2½ twist, back 1½ to punch front pike, whip ½ front layout

Training: Double back tuck


2016 Region 1 Championships 6th Bars

2016 Classic Rock Invitational Beam Champion, 3rd All Around

2015 Western National Qualifier

2015 Region 1 Championships 6th All Around

2015 State Championships 3rd Bars and beam, 4th All Around

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