Jaysin Smyth2019-10-14T21:11:17-07:00

Jaysin Smyth

Level 10 Beam Specialist Class of 2021

BEAM: Layout sept out, side aerial-split ¼, Rd off Back 1 ½ dismount, switch leap-split ¾

Training Beam: Backhandspring Lay-Lay

BARS: Blink to Blink 1/1 to PAK, Toe Hecht, Double Tuck Flyaway

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: 2019 Optional State Meet 4th BB

2019 Regional Championships 5th BB

2018 L9 State Championships Team Champions, 4th BB

2017 Classic Rock Beam Champion, 2nd UB

2017 Heart of a Champion, UB, BB, AA Champion

2017 Valley of the Sun BB Champion