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Jade Carey

USA National Team Class of 2019

VAULT: Yurchenko 2/1, Amanar, Chang BARS: Ray, Ejova, Maloney, Maloney ½, Pak, Bhardwaj, Blind 1/1, Full out

BEAM: BHS-lay step out-lay 2 foot, front aerial-straddle jump-split jump, split leapside aerial, switch leap-switch ½-back tuck, switch side ½, BHS-BH-double pike dis.

Training Beam: Standing Full

FLOOR: Layout double-double, tucked double-double, Full in double lay, front thru to full in

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: 2019 World Championships, Stuttgart, Germany

2019 USA National Team

2019 World Team Selection Camp, Sarasota, Fla. – 5th-AA 2019 U.S. Gymnastics Championships, Kansas City, Mo. – 2nd-VT, FX; 7th-AA

2019 GK U.S. Classic, Louisville, Ky. – 1st-VT; 2nd-FX(T); 10th-AA

2019 Doha World Cup, Doha, Qatar – 1st-VT, FX 2019 Baku World Cup, Baku, Azerbaijan – 1st-VT, FX

2018 Turner der Meister World Cup, Cottbus, Germany – 2nd-VT; 5th-FX

2018 Pam American Championships – Lima, Peru Gold Medalist – Team, Vault, Floor

2018 USA National Team

2018 USA National Championships 2nd FX, 3rd VT, 6th AA

2017 National Vault Champion 2017 World Championships Silver Medalist – VT, FX

2016 JO National Team

2016 JO National Championships JO National Vault Champion, 3rd AA

2016 Region 1 Championships 3rd AA, Regional Vault Champion

2016 State Championships, State Champion, AA, VT, BR, BB, FX

2016 Classic Rock AA, VT, FX Champion, 2nd BR, 3rd BB