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Class of 2019

Cassie Stevens Videos

VAULT: Yurchenko Layout 1½

Training: Layout Double 1/1

BARS: Ray, Overshoot HS, Toe hecht, Blind change front giant ½, double layout dismount

BEAM: Flic lay lay, Switch leap-switch half wolf jump, Wolf 1/1 turn, Swing through front aerial to knee, side somi, RO double back dismount

FLOOR: Piked 1/1 in, 1½ punch front layout, Double tuck (last Pass), Switch ring-tour jeté 1/1, Wolf 1/1 turn

Training: Double Layout


2016 JO Nationals: 2nd AA and FX, 3rd Vt and BB

2016 USA JO National Team

2016 Region 1 Championships: 2nd FX, 2nd AA

2015/2016 JO Nastia Liukin Cup Qualifier: 2nd VT

2016 Arizona Sate Championships: 1st Vt 9.9, 1st UB 9.575, 1st BB 9.725, 1st FX 9.725, 1st AA 38.925

2016 Classic Rock Invitational: 1st VT, 1st FX, 1st AA

2015 Arizona Optional Gymnast of the Year

2015 JO Nationals – Placed 2nd BB, 7th AA


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