Hope Kids Day at Arizona Sunrays

On February 19th Hope Kids spent a very special day here at Arizona Sunrays. Lead by our imaginative coach Pam Evans the group from Hope Kids learned balance, strength, and coordination. They learned all of these things through enjoying the bars, foam pits, trampolines and much more! Hope Kids has a vision - “To restore hope and transform the lives of children with life-­threatening medical conditions, their families and the communities in which we serve.” This mission perfectly aligns with Arizona Sunrays’ values of Families serving Families. Arizona Sunrays specifically worked with the Hope Kids Arizona Chapter. It is so great that there is an Arizona chapter but Hope Kids has chapters all over the rest of the country. To get involved with Hope Kids please visit: https://www.hopekids.org/get-involved/ To get involved with Arizona Sunrays Gives Back program visit: https://arizonasunrays.com/about-us/sunrays-gives-back/

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Partnership with Civitan

Civitan Foundation’s mission is “to provide our communities an accessible, safe and affordable environment while delivering superior life experiences to enhance the quality of life to individuals with developmental disabilities of all ages.” Civitan and Arizona Sunrays are now partners in a variety of ways. After touring Civitan Foundation’s beautiful facility, meeting all of their dedicated staff and hearing all about the services they offer, the Arizona Sunrays staff could not wait to begin the partnership. Civitan offers home and community-based services, Day Treatments for Adults, Pre-vocational education and employment, Respite and Recreation, and lastly, visual and performing arts. The first way that the partnership is moving forward is through Civitan’s employment services. Arizona Sunrays will gain valuable, hardworking employees while a Civitan client will get employment experience and the chance to shine in a new environment. Another way that this new partnership will flourish is through Camp Civitan. This Program “offers campers a variety of enriching and fun experiences that promote positive self-esteem, teamwork, socialization, and healthy activities.” If you would like to find out how you can get involved with Civitan please visit their support page. With our close proximity to Civitan, we look forward to sharing our new space for some of their wonderful programs.   Written by: Matthew J. Witenstein

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New Partnership with SARRC

         Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center has a set mission “To advance research and provide a lifetime of support for individuals with autism and their families.” Arizona Sunrays and SARRC are now partnering in a variety of different ways.           First, SARRC came to the Arizona Sunrays directors meeting to achieve one of their research initiatives: “ To educate various professional communities to improve their capacity to serve individuals with ASD.” A representative from SARRC taught our directors a great deal about working with their clients and the Autism community. Arizona Sunrays has utilized this information to ensure our programs and staff are One of the most integral parts of this partnership is the employment services. Arizona Sunrays is in the process of building relationships in preparation for hiring new staff through our partnership with SARRC. We are excited about this mutually beneficial partnership to move forward! Another way that the two organizations are working together is through our sales of Beneficial Beans.  These coffee beans are produced by SARRC and the generated sales help benefit their community. The future is bright for all involved with this new partnership!  If you would like to find out how you can get involved with SARRC please visit their Mission Support page.     Written by: Matthew J. Witenstein

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Partnership Announcement

Arizona Sunrays is proud to announce our partnerships with two outstanding organizations. SARRC , Civitan and their communities are welcome members of our ever-growing Sunrays Family. We felt that all of our ideals align and that these partnerships will help all the organizations flourish. Throughout the next two weeks, the Sunrays Gives Back blog will dive into what these partnerships mean for our Arizona Sunrays Family and how you can get involved with them.   Written by: Matthew J. Witenstein

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Hurricane Maria Relief Effort

  You all are the reason to be so proud of our Sunrays community. Your donations have raised over $350 to Family-to-Family’s Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria Relief Effort. The Sunrays family voiced concerns that they wanted to help the people of Puerto Rico, Family-to-Family made it possible to support the effort. There have been complications with shipping to Puerto Rico that have stopped organizations from sending items to people. For us, through Family-to-Family, sending money is the best course of action. So, over the past month, we have had a table set up at the front entrance of the gym selling our Grand Opening Sunrays Strong for donations. Special thanks to our talented builder, Chasse Building Team, for sponsoring these t-shirts and to our Sunrays Support Staff members and front office staff who set up and managed the table every day. We send our heartfelt thanks to you, our Sunrays family, for your generous donations. We are overwhelmed with the $350 in donations from our Sunrays family. The SGB program continues to work with our community and will update you all on the SGB program blog. Donations are still being collected if you’d still like one of the limited edition Sunrays Strong t-shirts :)     Written by: Matthew J. Witenstein

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iTeam’s Hurricane Harvey Relief

Arizona Sunrays enlisted our iTeam gymnasts & families to give back to the community. iTeam is an invitation-only program that allows athletes a chance to compete internally at Arizona Sunrays. This team of 25 gymnasts and their families has partnered with Family-to-Family through the SGB program for the past month to support a family that is in need of some relief after the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. “I love that Arizona Sunrays’ iTeam has really embraced the charge to give back to this Hurricane Harvey relief effort because together we have become an active part in fulfilling a mission that’s bigger than our average day-to-day objectives,” said Taryn the Director of non-competitive gymnastics. The family they have been supporting is the Sherry B. family. Sherry, 61 years old, is a part-time substitute teacher and is also a single mom with three children. The kids are: Reginald - 14 year old boy Kmariyon - 13 year old boy Nevaeh - 10 year old girl Our iTeam donated clothes, kitchen items and toys for this family. Family-to-Family serves a variety of people in need all over the world. Check out our next blog to hear about the SGB program’s next partnership with them.     Written by: Matthew J. Witenstein

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