When Should Your Child Start Dancing?

New parents often ask us, when will my child be ready to start dance classes? In our experience, a child’s readiness has less to do with age and more to do with mobility. In other words, if your child can walk, he or she is ready to learn to dance!

Here at Arizona Sunrays, we offer a wide variety of classes for dancers of all ages and abilities. From tap, jazz and lyrical to hip hop, tumbling and baby dance, we’ve got something for everyone!

And while it’s never too late to get started, there are many benefits to signing your child up for dance lessons at an early age. Here are a few!

Physical Benefits

Dance classes are a terrific way for kids to get out their seemingly endless energy in a safe and supportive environment. Whether they’re tapping their toes or moving to a beat, kids can begin to get to know their bodies and develop essential skills such as balance, coordination and flexibility. This will help them remain healthy and active as they grow older.

Mental Benefits

Dance isn’t just exercise for the body, but it’s exercise for the mind as well. Kids will learn to replicate a teacher’s movements, move with both sides of their bodies, and memorize sequences of steps. Without realizing it, kids will be developing lifelong skills such as active listening, patience and perseverance, all while having tons of fun!

Social Benefits

Dance class is a perfect setting for kids to meet and interact with other kids who also love to move. Kids will have the opportunity to dance with peers of different ages & abilities and will learn how to move together, as well as focus on individual goals in a group setting.

Behavioral Benefits

In returning to dance class week after week, kids will learn that progress takes patience and practice. And the discipline that children develop at the ballet bar can also help them overcome homework problems and other hurdles. This helps them discover that new things- while scary at first- can be conquered one step at a time, and get easier with practice.

No matter what your child’s dancing interests or abilities are, Arizona Sunrays offers classes that he or she will love. Visit our dance program overview to see which class is right for right for your child!

And if you are the parent of a child who just started walking, come check out our Free Baby Dance class Monday or Thursday from 9:15 – 9:45 am! It will be sure to help your little one get comfortable on their feet.

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