Partnership with Civitan

Civitan Foundation’s mission is “to provide our communities an accessible, safe and affordable environment while delivering superior life experiences to enhance the quality of life to individuals with developmental disabilities of all ages.”

Civitan and Arizona Sunrays are now partners in a variety of ways.

After touring Civitan Foundation’s beautiful facility, meeting all of their dedicated staff and hearing all about the services they offer, the Arizona Sunrays staff could not wait to begin the partnership. Civitan offers home and community-based services, Day Treatments for Adults, Pre-vocational education and employment, Respite and Recreation, and lastly, visual and performing arts.

The first way that the partnership is moving forward is through Civitan’s employment services. Arizona Sunrays will gain valuable, hardworking employees while a Civitan client will get employment experience and the chance to shine in a new environment.

Another way that this new partnership will flourish is through Camp Civitan. This Program “offers campers a variety of enriching and fun experiences that promote positive self-esteem, teamwork, socialization, and healthy activities.”

If you would like to find out how you can get involved with Civitan please visit their support page. With our close proximity to Civitan, we look forward to sharing our new space for some of their wonderful programs.


Written by: Matthew J. Witenstein

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