How Trampoline Gymnastics Became an Olympic Sport

Trampoline Gymnastics has a long history before it became the Olympic sport it is today! Trampolines themselves date back to 1934, according to the official Olympics website. They were originally used as a training tool to strengthen other athletes in their own sports. Later on, they were also used for astronauts to train for weightlessness.

While trampolines were being used for other kinds of training, people began to notice certain gymnastic skills that could only be practiced on a spring-loaded surface. Events eventually became standardized so that gymnasts could choose to train in tumbling and trampolining, beyond the more typical offerings of gymnastics. According to USA Gyms, the first World Championships of Trampolining were held in the 1960s, cementing it as a global sport despite remaining less well known.

Trampolining as a sport was introduced in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia, and since then, many gymnasts use their difficulty level, execution, and time of flight to compete against all the best athletes in the world. The ability to execute difficult movements while flying up and down, all while making sure to land well for the next bounce, make gymnasts strong and precise in their movements. While men’s and women’s trampolining are the only events currently in the games, there are many other international trampoline gymnastics events that are gaining popularity.

Can you envision your child being part of the first Olympics to hold tumbling or other trampoline events? While training competitively as a trampoline gymnast, your child will develop the spatial awareness that is unmatched in other sports, as well as the characteristic poise, strength, and flexibility required for all kinds of gymnastic activities.

The process of raising a brilliant trampoline gymnast starts with just the first steps of training. At Arizona Sunrays, we are dedicated to helping your child gain the body control and strength of a truly exceptional athlete. Contact us today to learn more!

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