When Can I Put My Baby in Gymnastics Lessons?

Is there a “right” time to enroll a young child or baby in gymnastics lessons? Believe it or not, children can begin learning the fundamentals of gymnastics as early as 6 months old. The benefits of enrolling babies and toddlers in gymnastics classes are far-reaching!

What will your baby gain from gymnastics lessons?

Little gymnasts will develop social skills, improve their cognitive skills, and become more aware of the world as they develop strong, healthy bones and muscle strength. Early childhood gymnastics involves basic body strengthening exercises that will improve your baby’s overall body strength.

Babies and toddlers will develop increased coordination and agility as they learn to stand, walk and jump; plus, they will benefit from increased flexibility as they grow. Gymnastics helps little ones meet daily exercise needs, learn about discipline (which is especially good for toddlers!), build self-esteem, and feel a sense of accomplishment as they learn to complete routines. What’s not to love about that?

When can your baby get started?

We have a highly energetic preschool environment for children of all ages, beginning with our Free Baby Gym class specifically designed for babies 6-12 months (Phoenix Location: Wednesday’s from 9:30-10:00 AM, Arcadia Location: Tuesday’s from 9:00 – 9:30 AM).

Parents can also bring in their little ones for organized play during Tumble Tots! This is for little gymnasts aged 18-36 months. Parental participation is required for both of these classes.

Once little gymnasts grow a little older, they can begin some of our hour-long classes! All-By-Myself classes are designed for toddlers to 3 year olds. At 4, they can participate in our Big Shots class. At 5, they can graduate to our Champions classes!

What should new gymnastics parents know?

As with any new activity, the best thing that parents can do for new gymnasts is to lend support and of course, be on time for classes! Arriving early allows children to soak in the fun surroundings before starting class.

Girls should wear leotards with no tights (to avoid slipping) and have hair tied back neatly; or they can wear a T-shirt and shorts with no buttons, zippers or snaps. We recommend that boys wear a T-shirt and shorts with no buttons, zippers or snaps. Leave all jewelry and accessories at home. Make sure your tot has eaten at least a few hours before class and has used the restroom as well.

When you walk into the gym for the first time, you’ll notice tons of equipment. Don’t be intimidated! You’ll see lots of pits filled with foam blocks, mats, and more. Expect the gym to be bustling as classes and athletes go in rotations and move from apparatus to apparatus.

While your child attends class, we ask that you remain in the designated parent area, trust your Arizona Sunrays coaches, and enjoy the great view! Your kids will love to see you cheering them on.

Last but not least, gymnastics is FUN! We are confident that you’ll have an awesome time with your tot at the gym. Please be sure to register online in advance for all classes. We can’t wait to see you, and welcome to Arizona Sunrays!

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