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Paradise Valley Community Center


Paradise Valley Community Center 602.495.3777
17402 N. 40th St. Phoenix, AZ 85032

Gymnastics Classes Offered

Rising Stars (3 – 5 years) 45 minute class- through the use of step-by-step progressions are learning the basic skills of gymnastics including Handstands, Cartwheels and Backward Rolls. Our curriculum encompasses a wide spectrum of tumbling skills, apparatus skills, static poses and loco motor movements. The Rising Stars students are provided with an array of apparatus circuit work that keeps everyone engaged in activity. Learning new skills is such fun! Sign up to join in on the fun!

Stars 1 (6 – 9 years) 45 minute class – gymnasts receive instruction on the events of Tumbling, Vaulting and Low Beam. Physical challenges are presented in the form of progressions. Target Skills are broken down into manageable drills with the resultant effect of many moments of mini successes. Our gymnasts experience increased flexibility, muscular strength development, and improved agility. Self-confidence is a wonderful by product of class. “I can do it!” is a common student statement. Fitness components are included in the curriculum in a very fun fashion through cooperative games and props. Get a great start in gymnastics . . . sign up today!

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